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for only $140 + 2 sessions

of  30 minutes zoom / skype $240

Getting trained for optimized Vibroacoustic Therapy usage

If you are certified therapist , you are welcome to be trained by Skype /web in order to apply the accumulated of know-how, research and case studies that have been gathered for over 30 years in Nordic countries.
At present we provide a basic 7 session course of 45 minutes each, as a basic "operating system framework"  to enable a therapist; reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, boost vitality and mind clarity.
The training will enable physical therapists, psychotherapists and CAM therapist incorporate VAT as an added modality to balance mental and physical system prior to their main therapy, during the therapy if possible, or after their main treatment.

Please view basic therapy kit course program

VAT is a multilevel  treatment  and self management tool
Psychotherapists, hypnotherapists and meditation teachers that use self hypnosis, self imagery and  visualization as facilitators of self management tools, can take the following advanced courses:

​1.Effective communication and problem solving

​2.From sadness and agony  to vitality

3.Creativity & Innovation​

4.Replace Bad Habits with Better Habits

5.Reduce Stress, Improve Performance

6.Are You Body, BodyMind, BodyMindSpirit?

We will create a special programs for businesses who want to incorporate Vibroacoustic therapy in a SilentSoundSpace  to reduce stress, insomnia and recharge vitality and focus at work.

Please read WSJ article about Insomnia at work and article from USA Today about stress at work.

VAT is a powerful  wellness preventive  tool to reduce absence days and increase creativity , motivation and productivity at work.

We provide special guidance to people with chronic diseases  and disabilities and train therapists that support them at home and in the clinics /rehabilitation centers.

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***Price for online training over Skype or Zoom - $95 per hour for less then 4 sessions, $90 per hour for more.*** up to 2 people in a session

Thank you for your interest in us.

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you are welcome 

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