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Serenity  -  SilentSoundSpace:

Mental and Physical Balance

Recharge Vitality, Mind clarity, Reduce Stress


What if you had a special space where you – turn off your phone, shut down any distraction and have a 23 minutes of silence where only your breathing & gentle low sound waves  vibrate your inner systems and attune them harmonically?

What if, you had this space - At home, in businesses, hospitals, schools, college dormitories, nursing homes, rehabs and hospices?

What if you, – initiate, and run a SilentSoundSpace as an added a value attunement place, wherever you are?


Bodymindspirit attunement  is dynamic  equilibrium  process of interaction between BODY SUBSYSTEMS (nervous, muscles, skeletons, blood, immune…) and MIND SUBSYSTEMS (thoughts, emotions, sensation, memory, dreams, imagination..) which generate natural healing, wellness and well being.  Analogically to an orchestra, in which, every instrument needs attunement to itself, yet the  whole orchestra needs conductor’s attunement to achieve musical harmony,Vibroacoustic Therapy – VAT  is   your bodymindspirit attunement tool   and a balancing platform to bring subsystems to homeostasis and harmony. 

VAT  - Vibroacoustic Therapy (Invented by Olav Skille  - Norway/Finland)  is a 23 minutes treatment in which you lies on a special mat and stream a single low sound in the range between 30hz -120hz.   Soothing deep gentle sensation of harmonic waves (imitating the low frequencies we all felt in our mother’s womb) “hug and pat/tap you from within”. If you are in pain, you can have a VAT treatment anywhere, even while you talk with your friends, read a book , watch TV or fall asleep.
SilentSoundSpace is a neutral designed room or a hall, created with the intention of having  minimum factors of  interruption, or  potential triggers for emotional turmoil or physical unease.    The SilentSoundSpace includes a VAT equipment to   enable inner body massage, which harmonically vibrate -organs, tissues and cells,  and in addition, minimize overwhelmed streams of chaotic thoughts, emotions , memories and imagination . No sound beside the low sound and your breathing is heard or felt.
The result – less pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, recharged vitality , clear mind , good mood and attentiveness. This is the optimum inner environment – a combination of calmness together with sharp senses.
• Over time, you will create inner SilentSoundSpace in you. A space of calmness inner home-being  you can activate whenever you want.

In today’s overflow of stress and nonstop triggers (Smartphone,phones ,tv, computer, people, objects, extreme climate), our attentiveness quality is low and “jumps” from one cause to another. VAT SilentSoundSpace may bring back sanity, reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, boost vitality and mind clarity. VAT SilentSoundSpace may help you replace bad habits with better habits, improve performance, bring tolerance and compassion, and convert wasted usage of energies (on sustaining anxiety and worry) to creativity and vitality.


SilentSoundSpace in regular homes:

Imagine father, mother and children – get back from their daily work /school activities. What if each would have a 23 minutes to attune their systems , remove stress and recharge vitality. Results – less stress, better communication, compassion , tolerance , better learning. More dialogue.

​SilentSoundSpace in special needs homes:

When one or more of the family members have a disability or  a chronic disease, the whole family is influenced in their way of life. With VAT this can be a positive and uplifting experience. The family member with special needs can enjoy a VAT wellness platform to reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, boost vitality and life quality. In addition, all  family members can use it as preventive tool - to reduce stress and insomnia and to improve performance.

SilentSoundSpace at work:


Imagine that every employee will have the opportunity to attune mental and physical systems, reduce stress, recharge vitality, become more  tolerant, have better communication and better attentiveness. – results – more motivation, better performance , more open innovation and creativity. 


SilentSoundSpace in Hospitals, Rehabilitation centers and hospices: What if in every department there would be three SilentSoundSpaces:

• For patients
• For visitors
• For medical team, administration and technical people
Results- proactive in getting better, less stress, better communication, better performance, better service orientation. Better attentiveness. recharged energies.

SilentSoundSpace in Schools ,colleges and universities: 

What if every education institution would have two  SilentSoundSpaces
• For children /students
• For teachers
 Results- less violence, less stress, less anxiety, better performance.

SilentSoundSpace in public spaces:
What if you had a SilnetSoundSpace in malls, libraries, airports?
Results- reduce stress, recharge vitality.

SilentSoundSpace in Religious and spiritual centers:
• Explore bodymindspirit connections
• Explore  expanding of reality perception
 Result- when you create SilentSoundSpace in you and empty the desktop of your mind you may perceive more delicate  energy quality.

SilentSoundSpace in recreation centers, sport , Spas and wellness centers:
• Reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety and pain
• Recharge vitality
• Find inner creativity and improve performance

SilentSoundSpace in prison:

Would be a significant added therapy for rehab and recovery.

SilentSoundSpace for pets and horses.:

More and more vets and pets owners are looking for natural ways to cure from injuries and  heal pets and horses.Our frequencies are effective for them as well.

Did you know that cat's purr is its natural inner vibroacoustic therapy mechanism.

Olav Skille imitated cats purr as one of our solutions.

We will be happy to provide more information of creating   SilentSoundSpace for bodymindspirit attunement, at home, in businesses, hospitals, schools, college dormitories, nursing homes, rehabs and hospices.

VAT SilentSoundSpace may be an added value therapy to any other therapy, or it can be applied as a self-management tool. VAT can be incorporated before, during or after main modality (Physical, psychotherapy or CAM)


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