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Vatting, vibroacoustic therapy – An integrative wellness platform,   that balances students’ mental and physical systems.


Introduction to college counselors:


College period is an exciting time; so many trigger to absorb and digest. So many academic challenges- exams, projects, research, missions; and dynamic social life, work, fun, student residences atmosphere, relationships, and family connections.

By the end of the day, copying with all in a positive, healthy way depends on student’s personality approach to life, habits, health, wellness, and wellbeing.

We all know the basic fact, that two individuals may face the same situation in life. While one will feel stress, which may affect his/her physical or mental systems and eventually may lead to insomnia, anxiety and some sort of illness, the other, will experience vitality, fun and will have the inner resilience to overcome uncertainty or chaotic environment.

No matter what is your main professional modality and background as a counselor, you would probably agree that students in college should adopt and apply preventive wellness life style and positive habits to ensure and maintain dynamic balance of body and mind.

What is Dynamic BodyMind Balance?

Let’s “zoom in” to the definitions of “body”, & “mind” :

There are many definitions for “body” depends, on the focus- the physical, biological or chemical dimension. Yet worldwide science and health paradigms (including Chinese and Indian tradition medicine) agree that the body is a system.

The body is a complex functional and structural system composed of a group of physiologically or anatomically complementary organs or parts such as: nervous system; skeletal system, blood system, gland systems, immune system, cell system, DNA system which all can be defined as  body’s sub systems


What about the mind?


The mind is the human consciousness that originates in the brain and is manifested especially in thought, perception, emotion, will, memory, and imagination.” 

I would add to this definition, sensation, and dreams as well. The mind is a system with the following units as subsystems:

Thought system, memory system, imagination system, dream system, emotion system….


Now let’s focus on the word “balance”. Associate words that are connected to this term are: equilibrium, harmony, homeostasis, calibrated, attuned, regulated, coherent.


Thus, bodymind balance is a dynamic process of harmonious, orderly group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming and keeping the vitality of the complex whole organism.


Thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination, and body systems interact dynamically nonstop. Yet, if the components of this large complex organism are not balanced or attuned, we may eventually, get ill.


People talk about the positive effects of yoga, meditation and awareness to healthy life style which includes physical exercises and balanced diet.

This is so great! However, how many people, actually meditate daily in a way that it has positive effect on their wellness, performance, health and wellbeing?

Vibroacoustic Therapy – Vatting, is a wellness integrative platform that can complement any psychotherapy modality. The effect of Vatting is as if a student experienced, yoga together with meditation. Vatting is a mental and physical balancing platform.


Your students can VAT themselves before your treatment, during or after it.

The benefits of VAT:
-Pain reduction/elimination
-Increase Attentiveness

-Stress reduction/elimination
-Muscle relief
-A tool to minimize bad habits and replace them with better habits(obesity, anger, addiction )
-Insomnia reduction/elimination
-Recharges vitality
-Improve  attentiveness, focus and performance

-Enables getting into self-hypnosis and meditation

-Increases calmness & clarity of the mind


Adding a Vibroacoustic Therapy as an integrated therapy to your main psychotherapy modality could increase the effectiveness of the positive outcome of your consultancy. Vatting could reduce pain, stress, insomnia, and anxiety with no chemicals involved.

You as a therapist could benefit from reducing stress, minimize your own overwhelmed mind, and enable more attentiveness, tolerance, and compassion to the atmosphere and effective communication with your patients.


Add VATMAT to your clinic and let the students that you treat, balance their mental and physical systems.


To learn more,

View a presentation about BodyMind Balance through Vibroacoustic Therapy


Learn about creating SilentSoundSpace and let students VAT themselves as self management tool.


Contact me to customize Vatting solutions for your consulting center.

Avigail Berg-Panitz



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