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Do you view the world through your smartphone prism? WATCH OUT!!!

Yes I have a smartphone.It just buzzed in my drawer. Yes I take it when I go out to meetings and it shows emails and the web.


BUT, NO, I don’t view the world through it. And yes, I turn it off.

I’m not looking for new apps obsessively and I refuse to be pushed into “the new smartphone world culture”.


Am I old who don’t want to try new things? I don’t think so…


I’m a free person that don’t let large enterprises such as Apple, Google, Facebook and THE media, manage my life.


I’m free in a sense that I’m not connected to brands. And I’m sensitive when I sense brainwash by media (the pharmaceutical advertising phenomena in TV in US is too sad to be funny…).


I’m free in a way that every day I do vibroacoustic therapy for 23 minutes. I attune mental and physical components. I observe my energies and I decide how to utilize them for my health, happiness and creativity. The attunement process is an inner body massage to organs tissues and cells.


Call it; - balance, harmony, attunement, calibration, equilibrium, homeostasis wellness platform.


I do Vibroacoustic Therapy in my SilentSoundSpace. No music, no triggers, just the sound of my breathing and the low sound of harmonic frequencies which imitate the state we all felt in our mother’s womb.


Our first experience before popping out to this world, included inner vibrations we all felt through our mom’s fluids. That space was our natural incubator where we felt protected , secured and had the environmental conditions to grow and become our authentic being, before any conditioning of the mind of culture, religion, family , society and huge commercial companies, tried to tell us what jeans to wear, what cellphone to buy or what pharmaceutical drug is good for us…
My suggestion to you, - have a 23 minutes for attunement in silence. Create your own SilentSoundSpace. Balance your body mind components and let spirit (if you perceive you have one) be connected to your bodymind. This is a process which combines -calmness together with recharging energies.

Many people talk about meditation, yet not too many in , meditate. That is because, it takes a special attentiveness to step through “the first gate of Silences” in order to experience deeper serenity.

The overwhelmed “spaghetti mind” of thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and dreams prevent us from getting into the “calmness mode” together with sharp senses. That is why Vibroacoustic therapy is so essential. It’s a generic platform (no music or any other external triggers)  which revives the first experience in the womb of calmness, low sound, security, warmth, love and care , balance and growth.

This is a state of serenity and sanity.

Getting back to the smartphone culture, be minded to the fact that it splits your attentiveness. You eat and you reply, you drive and you reply, you make love and it is there closer than your loved one…

When your attentiveness is split, there is less energy to focus, to observe and to listen. There is also less energy to act in positive effective way. When you have less energies, your mind processing is less effective and you behavior is operated from an “automated subroutine”


Drive life. Don’t be driven. Be smart without your smartphone.

If you are Jewish, I wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR this September. If you are celebrating autumn, I wish you HAPPY AUTUMN and if you are having another season, HAPPY SEASON, whatever it is. GREETING TO YOU

Thank you for your interest in us.

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