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Research & Case studies

Olav Skille is a scientist, therapist & musician. His knowledge in the mathematical theory of harmony, together with being a therapist  have led him to compose frequencies in the range between 30 Hz 120 Hz and get feedback from people with chronic diseases and disabilities.

Olav Skille found the correlation between reduction /elimination of pain, stress, in different part of the body  and how various low sound vibrations reduce insomnia,anxiety and increase vitality and body mind balance.

Olav Skille trained therapists around the world that added case studies and research  about the  positive effect of VAT to increase the quality of life to people with disabilities  & chronic diseases.

Prof. Tony Wigram was the first to have a PhD. in Vibroacoustic Therapy.

He based his thesis  collaboration with  Olav Skille knowledge & case-studies .

Please view  research about low sound frequencies around the world​ 

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You are well come to view latest testimonials  samples from mainly Canada & US

Read about case studies from around the world:
  1. Croatia - Physiotherapy Together with Vibroacoustic Therapy

  2. Case study of Roland - a mother telling The story of her son

  3. Case Studies - submitted by John Pettit , USA- Massage  &  NeuroMascular therapist & VAT

  4. Case studies from Finland,   Vibroacoustic= Physio acoustic Therapy


" I have had a pleasure of experiencing Vibroacoustic Therapy with Avigail twice. Over the years I have experienced different mind-body healing modalities, including Reiki, massage, and acupuncture and I believe this is one of the most effective methods to bring immediate results. Both times I have been suffering from pain due to injury on my left knee as well as stress. After only 20 min of treatment with Vibroacoustic therapy I felt much better; more relaxed and peaceful and also my pain has subsided. Avigail is a great healer; she is very warm and patient and she makes it a safe and wonderful experience. I highly recommend her work. "

Mateja Petje, MS, LMFT, NLPP

"As a physician, I found “low frequency sound therapy” or “ VAT” a very useful tool to help reducing symptoms in patients suffering from different medical conditions. It really helps improving their quality of life. VAT is a convenient and relaxing method to be employed in reducing pain, improving sleep pattern and mood, etc. Patients who have been using VAT usually notice more flexibility in their movements with less pain and stiffness and report better sleep quality and mood stability. Many patients cut back on the pain killers and sleeping aids and some even stopped taking them since their symptoms improved noticeably."

Lili Naghdi  MD CCFP

Toronto, Canada

vibroacoustic therapy treatment

Dr Grossan View on  treating Fibromyalgia with  VAT

Murray Grossan, M.D. ,

Fibromyalgia is very real and causes considerable suffering. Added to the suffering is the lack of an objective test/diagnosis.With a broken arm, or a difficult pregnancy, friends and relatives SEE the problem: yes it is bad to break an arm but at least the boss, the husband, etc all SEE the cast. Even the insurance company is pleased, since there is no “mystery.”But in FM there is the additional problem of difficulty in diagnosis and problems with employer, insurance and even family.

To compound the problem there is a high incidence of depression associated with FM. (like who wouldn’t be depressed hurting every day. Better to have a bad tooth: it shows up on X ray. Since there is no clear cut “fracture” with FM, there is one approach to therapy that can be very helpful. It is called VAT.

Science has shown that different frequencies of vibration have different deep physiologic changes. Just as playing one violin can cause a nearby violin to vibrate too, applying a particular frequency can relax one, invigorate one, change one’s perspective or just plain refresh and animate someone.What is clear is that VAT can result in a “change” in behavior.

Whether it is the change in “perspective” or the relaxation or the changes in the billions of nerve connections, many persons with diagnosed FM have reported improvement in their symptoms.

VAT has been used for FM and by anecdote practitioners have reported gratifying results. What is needed is to get clinical data and see if persons with FM really do get an improvement. For this reason, VAT is offering a series of treatments to FM patients who have been diagnosed and are currently under Rx by a doctor.

Does the VAT treatment reduce the need for medication? Is there an increase in energy and symptom free days? Is there better sleep?Better sleep is one of the characteristics of benefit from VAT. This may be the important factor in FM relief.

Or it may be that vibrating the billions of nerve connectors allows for new connections to appear. Picture an old fashioned TV set that isn’t working well and you kick it and it plays much better! This is a mechanism that is currently being used for chronic pain patients.Whether it is better sleep, a means of behavior changes, redirecting connectors, or some other mechanism, I propose that several FM patients go through a treatment protocol.

After all, there are no drugs involved; you are simply exposed to a low base sound/vibration, not unlike a full body massage. Based on the nice results already obtained in muscular / bone/ headache pain, I expect a large number of persons will benefit. Once these benefits are fully established, many others can enjoy these benefits as well.

Murray Grossan, M.D.

Note it is vital to have someone diagnosed by an MD preferably on medication so you can record reduction in medication.

It is OK to treat any FM patient but for the study and report, an MD dx and medication history is best.

--Murray Grossan, M.D.,


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