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Olav Skille Welcomes you

olav skille vibroacoustic therapy

I welcome you,

Therapist, Business man, Hospital Executive, Spa Manager, Chronic ill patient, Parents, Students, Nursing Home Manager, Organization representative, Recovery center manager, alternative/ complementary clinic therapist, Addiction Center Manager and anybody else who is interested in using harmonious sound vibration as an inner body massage to reduce stress, reduce pain and energize the cells, tissues and organs.


As a results of more then 25 years of personal research and development, VAT - VibroAcoustic Therapy, is a known and approved wellness device being used in many hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, health clubs and alternative and complementary clinics in various countries around the world.

VAT is excellent for home use, if the therapy is instituted by a qualified therapist's guidance.

I would be happy to consult , map the various methodologies by using my professional and many years of "know how"  in order to make an optimized implementation of the VibroAcoustic system in any of the environments and institutions mentioned above.

I would be happy to provide technological / frequency solutions to specific and personalized requirements.

I would be happy to teach the process of how a user is bathed repeatedly with pure, coherent (patterned & harmonious), sinusoidal sound waves through comfortable sound furniture.


Be well, Olav Skille

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"I am grateful to Dr. Karel F. Jindrak for letting me use his theories around the physiological effects of sound vibrations. The illustrations come - with one exception - from his book, which I have referred to. (O.S)"

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vibroacoustic therapy, pain, stress, insomnia ,anxiety

"The body has received "internal massage". Thus organs in the body which we cannot reach by traditional methods - nerves, glands, lungs, heart, deep-lying blood vessels, brain tissue - will react when being exposed to sound vibrations.

This is the basic idea of all Vibroacoustic therapy.
We all know that the body is exposed to sound massage. It is so common that we seldom give this fact a thought. When we speak or sing we produce sounds, and the vibrations from these sounds can be felt if we place our hands on the chest, back, larynx or the top of the skull of the person who is vocalizing. These vibrations are not dangerous for the human being. It even may be so that these vibrations are of vital importance for us, if we are to develop physically and mentally in a healthy way.


The same kinds of vibrations are transferred to the body during Vibroacoustic therapy. The only difference is that the source of sound is external, and that the sound sources are spread over a larger physical area. Thus all parts of the body can receive the same amount of vibrations simultaneously."

Olav Skille

Thank you for your interest in us.

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