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Is your family defined as “a special need family”?


I assume most of you will answer “no” if you don’t have “a disabled child” or if there is no  member in your family who has a chronic disease.


Well, are you willing to refine the concept of “special needs family”?


Even if you live in a “regular, ordinary…. conventional family”, your family is a unique mix of people; parents, children and maybe grandparents. Some families are a based on a single parent. Some families have gay parents. In many families, you may have one or more members who have health issues – physical, psychological or combination of both.


So what characterizes your family?


If you ask each one of your family member to describe it, would they all describe it in the same way?


Can we view a family prototype as a SMALL INCUBATOR, that ideally, provides personalized physical and emotional conditions so that its members could grow happily and healthy and implement their unique authentic creativity and capacity?


My observation focuses on the word “personalized”.  And my assumption is that every human being needs to express him/herself and get appreciation of love and attention to enable healthy & happy growth.


Isn’t unconditional love means:” no matter what, we are here for you, providing you love, support, good healthy environment and security so that you can grow in your authentic creative way”?


Children with severe disabilities such as Rett syndrome – which many of them have “frozen faces”- have alive, creative spirit behind their physical limited interface.


Parents that have children with CP, autism, Rett syndrome, or members who are challenged with mental illnesses such as; schizophrenia, depression or bi-polar, deal with extreme periods in which they are totally depend on their loved ones. Families with addicted members to drugs or alcohol

or obesity, or gambling, are a burden to the rest of the family members as well.


Families with gifted and very talented children know it’s not easy and can be

stressful as well.


Life in the “family incubator” can be experienced differently by the family members.

Imagine a family with 4 children and only two bedrooms?


So many parameters can  be added to the “dynamic formula” when you  check if

your family’s incubator enables all members to grow happily and healthy and

implement creativity and inner capacity.


Have you heard about   Maslow pyramid needs?'s_hierarchy_of_needs


if I met him I would try to change the pyramid into a more “flower like” interrelated

biological, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions & needs.




Vibroacoustic therapy is a wellness harmonic low sound platform  (such as mattress, bed or recliner and frequencies) that balances usage of inner energies – reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost vitality and mind clarity with no chemicals involved.


Vibroacoustic therapy can convert the usage of wasted energies used  regularly, on sustaining negative attitude and imaginary scenarios that include anxiety, obsessive thoughts and automatic bad habits, into calmness, creativity, tolerance and effective communication.


Vibroacoustic therapy enables attunement & creates inner space of sanity.


Vibroacoustic therapy is a wellness platform to harmonies vitality and calmness to every member of the family.


Ideally, each member can enjoy calibrate his/her inner resources daily.


How many times did we apologize to our loved ones because we had no patience to listen or be minded to their needs?


Aren’t these conditions, the atmosphere we all need at home? And wouldn’t it be great, to have them at work as a wellness preventive tool as well?



( we are in the process of improving the website. It’s not perfect and many things can be improved. Yet if you focus on the WHAT more than the HOW, you will benefit.)




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