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Vibroacoustic Therapy is a wellness tool that may reduce anxiety

What is anxiety?  - definition from


We all feel anxiety one-way or the others during our life.


In this article I would like to focus on two examples: - One is when physiological symptoms of fight-flight-freeze occur “out of the blue” without our awareness, yet, take control over our physical conditions. The other, is when we create an inner negative scenario in our minds and then are drowned into it with anxiety.

I will give you two examples so that you understand what im talking about:

1. Imagine you drive to work, you are in the third lane of five lanes in your direction, and there is a huge traffic jam you are stuck in. You hear music, drink water, and chat on your phone. At some point, you feel you can’t breeze, your heart beats fast, and you feel as if you are trapped. All you want to do is find a way out as soon as possible…, you start blowing the horn obsessively. You feel anxiety is taking over and the only thing that may help is driving freely while you window is open to get more oxygen. You flash the lights on and off to signal the other drivers to let you pass immediately.

2. Imagine you wake up at night, you go to the bathroom, you go back to bed, but you can’t fall asleep. Suddenly a scenario "pops into your head". It could be a non-solved problem at work, or a family challenge with one of your children, your spouse, your parents, or yourself.

Have you noticed that at night, everything seems darker and more extreme? You get up, go to the computer, compose and send emails to different people…

Because you are in “anxiety mode” you see the worst scenario because what your mind created, is actually, a combination

between your memories and your imagination.Later though, your mind acts and reacts as if this scenario, was in fact - true.


Vibroacoustic therapy minimizes chaotic streams of thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories and imagination.
The spaghetti bodymind connection is always there. No matter who you are, where you live , what are your skills or profession,



I call it spaghetti because nobody can really know “what trigger what “ in the interconnection between thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and dreams.

We say :“I want this…” “I want that” but we don’t really know how in fact, the "operating system  of our being", 

guides our perception & behavior and what is the “back office algorithm “ of our decision making and actions.

What we do know, is that when we are “out of balance”, weird things can happen in our perception and actions.

If we had an experience of sudden anxiety attack such as the one I described in the car,( or it can happen anywhere –

in an airplane, before we speak in public, or just walking in a mall) we need a first aid kit that will assist to break the anxiety cycle.
The kit should have a bottle of water, your breathing system, and ACTIVATING YOUR INNER SPACE OF CALMNESS.

Do you recall a fantastic situation in your experience, in which you felt amazingly good in your body and mind?
For instance, you were in a vacation with the people you love, you felt great physically, you liked the way you looked; you were very joyful, calm and loved the people you were with. You also enjoyed the weather, the landscape, and the whole atmosphere.
I’m sure you felt such good feeling more than once. If this scenario is not retrieved from your memory right now, how about imagining it???

Take a piece of paper or go to your computer, visualize and write  a scenario of calmness, which includes:
- You feel deep calmness together with joy. Your senses are sharp and vital.
- Your physical body is in great shape; you are healthy and feel great.
- You feel tolerant, compassionate and attentive to the people around you
- You feel at home with your bodymind and spirit (if you believe you have one)

you dont need to have writing talent to descibe what comes up in yoru imagination. Just write freely a description of an active positive imaginary scene.


Can you take yourself into a self-guidance and visualization of creating a calmness space within you, based on what you wrote?

When you take a VAT session, you bring your body and mind to minimize the chaotic spaghetti mind of thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories and imagination, that not only literally, drive you crazy from within in anxiety mode, but, take a lot of energies and vitality.

A VAT session will minimize the inner chaos and release/convert the wasted energy (which would of been used to sustain this turmoil), into productive new positive usage of creating and embedding a new positive habits such as AN INNER CALMNESS SPACE.

Once you “save into your consciousness” the new scenario, you can activate it with a new ritual that you create. The new ritual can be anything that is accessible and meaningful to you.


For me what works is drinking few sips of water and breathing 3X times=1,2,3 inward… hold 1,2,3 let go 1,2,3, hold 1,2,3.
Imagine you rehearse THE NEW SPACE OF CALMNESS while you “VAT yourself.” Just like in sports, the more you exercise, the better it gets.
Now let us get back to the anxiety attack in the car or elsewhere. You may be aware that its coming or you may be driven into it. Once you feel the symptoms, be aware of your first aid kit:
Take your water out, breathe deeply, and ACTIVATE YOUR CALMNESS SPACE. – visualize the scenario you embedded as a positive habit. Also, touch yourself gently. Hug yourself. You can also add to the ceremony a bit from a granola bar your keep in your bag.
You will be amazed to feel the change. Gradually but surely. The calmness scenario in your mind will create inner conditions to stop the anxiety you are in.

Now lets get back to the second example where your mind  created a very negative scenario in which you are being “attacked or blamed “ for something you did or you didn’t do, or you have guilt emotions bombing you from within “sinking/drowning ” you with fear and insecurity.
Let’s say you wake up in the middle of the night. What do you do. This is a nightmare in an  awaked state.
My advice, – go to your VATMAT and just take a ride on one of the lower frequencies (Red40, yellow52)


The beauty of Vibroacoustic therapy is that not only it minimizes the spaghetti streams of thoughts emotions, sensations, memories and imagination, but it changes its inner content composition.

You may fall asleep, or you may find yourself out of the anxiety scenario you yourself have created, and then were drowned into being an active drama player.

VIbroacoustic therapy breaks the loop of anxiety.

You can use it for your own and family usage, and if you are a therapist, coach, consultant, medical doctor ,chiropractor or nurse, add it as an effective integrative wellness modality during before, during or after a session.



* Vibroacoustic therapy is a wellness self management tool and an effective intergative modality. DO NOT stop taking medication or seeing your therapist or medical doctor. Vibroacoustic Therapy does not replace conventional medical care.

Thank you for your interest in us.

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