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Join us to bring wellness, wellbeing and preventive health environment to homes, schools, in businesses and  hospitals.

By the end of the day, it’s up to us – "regular people" –to be proactive in the ways we design (in content and structure) our society’s institutions.


We can blame and criticize the government, the state, the community, schools, and our businesses.

But, let’s face it. It all starts in our own core space – our homes.


How do you build an inner wellness, wellbeing, and preventive health environment at home?


How do family members: children, father, mother (or different combination of homes)

fulfill Maslow Pyramid needs?











You may argue about the levels of Maslow Pyramid’s needs, or whether it should be more as a “flower like” one level design of interrelation between the needs factors.


However, I hope you agree that in each needs’ feature, there is a blended component of stress when they are not satisfied in a healthy ,balanced way.

Stress by nature has a dynamic essence. Some stress motivates us, keeps us alert and encourage us to think and act. Yet, stress very easily becomes a gateway to illnesses, when it grows nonstop, becomes chronic and it is combined with uncertainty, violence and overwhelming missions one faces, with no breaks.


Stress may be physiological and /or psychological. It may be imaginative or forced by external people or situations. Yet  rapidly, it reduces individual’s life quality and vitality, and easily attracts adopting bad habits such as obesity and addiction as a "fast - must solution" or as  escape strategy.


The whole environment of a stressed person is negatively affected and may raise stress, anxiety, and depression to the other people in the space.


You may decide to ignore it and say laconically – “this is life”. You may take chemicals and drugs , or you may meditate, do yoga, or physical exercises as your personal solutions, but what about the other members in your family?


The big question is – how do you create inner environment at home to prevent chronic stress.

How do you create a wellness, wellbeing and preventive health environment to the bodyminds of family members ?


And since we are not isolated at home, the broader question is how to be proactive in creating harmonic and creative, stress less environments at schools and businesses , and in hospitals and rehabs.?


Our Solution- is to create a SilentSoundSpace based on low sound frequencies – Vibroacoustic therapy invented by Olav Skille in Norway 30 years ago.


This a call for collaboration to apply and implement harmonic low sound frequencies – vibroacoustic therapy as a wellness platform to reduce stress, recharge vitality and increase bodymind balance at home at work, in schools and hospitals – with no chemicals involved.



To learn more of how to implement low sound frequencies as a wellness platform for personal usage or business and research collaboration,


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Avigail Berg Panitz
Olav Skille

         Harmonic Low Sound Frequencies

     Integrative Wellness Platform


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