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Dynamic library of studies, research  videos of Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT)=

or PhysioAcoustic Therapy(\(\(Finland) 

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40Hz may positively effect damaged brain cells

Vibroacoustic & Rett Syndrome

Music and Vibroacoustic Stimulation in People with Rett Syndrome –
A Neurophysiological Study

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View Olav Skille in a  video of Rett Syndrome Center in 


Physical Therapy together with Vibroacoustic therapy in treating children with CP

Effects of Vibrotactile Stimulation on the Control of Muscle Tone and Movement Facilitation in Children with Cerebral Injury

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Request to View Olav Skille Video in Kolkata India 

Under the personal guidance and supervision of  Olav Skille, together with Step One Foundation for Child & Youth Welfare , Mr Anjan K. Basu was conducting a research project on" Effectiveness of Vibro-Acoustic Therapy in India" at the Step One center. Olav Skille visited Kolkata and  supervised setting up the unit using locally available equipment,  and initiating the research. In the first part of the video Olav Skille explains the basic components of a VAT system. He is then guiding a medical doctor and the mother of a child with Cerebral Palsy how to use VAT in improving motor functions in the child.

Vibroacoustic therapy reduces depression symptoms

Effects of Vibroacoustic Therapy on Elderly Nursing Home Residents with Depression


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low sound frequency for elderly

people with disabilities 

Effects of a low-frequency sound wave therapy programme on functional capacity, blood circulation and bone metabolism in frail old men and women.

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"The incorporation of vibroacoustic therapy into my massage practice has widened my client base. In addition to what most people see me for - muscle aches/soreness, stress reduction, injury and limited range of motion, VAT has given me the opportunity to treat people with chronic conditions such as MS, COPD, Migraines, Parkinson, post-Stroke, and other neurological conditions. VAT helps people manage symptoms, giving them more control of their own healing processes, thereby improving quality of life."

-Karina Yanku, LMT
New York, NY

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