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   Active listening. Are you an active listener? 

Next time you are having a conversation with a family member, a neighbor, or a colleague, activate a hidden signals to yourself (such as holding two fingers together) as an act of operating “attentive active listening”.

In so many occasions we give time to others, yet our mind is occupied with our own inner scenarios.

Active listening is generating  inner conditions of emptying space in your mind to enable the other, to manifest his/her messages & reality  perception “as is” in your mind while  having  all your senses in alert mode without letting  your memory, imagination and thoughts interfere in the process.

Can you do that? For how long can you do that?

It’s not an easy task. It takes allot of energy ;  first to create this empty space in your mind.

Look at your table right now. Do you have an empty space? Look at your computer desktop, do you have  an empty space? Go to your garage, your closet…

Now observe your bodymind. Thoughts, emotions, memories, imagination and sensations stream nonstop. Even when you go to the seashore and observe the calm sea waves, there may be a chaotic storm in your mind.


Some meditation Technics guide you to focus on a dot. Other,  suggest repeating  a mantra. Other tell you to listen to your breathe and heart beats.

I am not here to tell you how to empty some space in your bodymind. Find your way.

If you can’t, get back to me.

After creating  empty space in your mind,  active it when you listen to others.


Can you just be there for him/her? Can you hold your space for his/her reality perception? You may call it empathy or compassion. 

I call it multimind space of exploration and realization of attention and love.

If you are a therapist, you must have studied various  modalities. You adopted some and   are expert in. There are so many psychotherapy paradigms.


If you are a physician, you are probably expert in your special expertise.

If you are a coach…

If you are a parent…

If you a sales person in a store...

If you are a colleague at work…

Yes we all have our opinions, attitudes, approaches. We hold our own truth, values and conditioning of our minds.

We are taught from day one that knowledge is important. So we gather data, information and knowledge…

Yet over time , just like lots of cloth in our closet, if we don’t throw things away, we can’t move, we can’t breathe, we can't have fresh perception of what is going on... only the static image in our minds is active.

If you are a hoarder or you have one in your family, you know what I mean. – But, lets face it, we are all information and knowledge collectors.
Now with the smartphones and tablets it’s getting even worse.

We become nonstop automatic respondents. Others’ people messages , many times, just  trigger and answer  from the collective storage devices collection in our heads.

Lets create empty space in our minds to enable real high quality  listening and enable  others expand their minds in us.

Isn't that  attention and love?

Later when  we end the conversation, we can decide what to do with the input. We can let it go or incorporate it into our experience storage as a significant  content.

If you don’t know how to delete data, information or knowledge from your mind, find your way.

If you are still struggling, ask me, I may help your with VAT.

Enjoy summer. Enjoy life :)


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