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A list of CASE STUDIES provided by John Pettit
A Massage, Neuromuscular Therapist & Vibroacoustic Therapist from Philadelphia*

Barbara, 60 year old restaurant owner.  Came to me with severe anxiety due to severe illness in the family.  Also had pain in right shoulder from a fall.  Gave her 23 minutes of Basic 40 hertz; then 23 minutes of 68 hertz(head neck shoulders).  Her Anxiety totally disappeared.  Her shoulder which was still black and blue, had a reduction in pain;  she then told me that she had forgotten to tell me that she previously could not open her jaw due to her fall in which she also struck the distal portion of her right cheek bone.   After the VAT    she was able to completely open her jaw and have complete range of  jaw motion. 

John,  48 year old computer operator for a major bank.  Came to me with anxiety, and mid back pain.  He received a 40 hz session for 23 minutes, and then a 60 hz session for 23 minutes, followed by Neuromuscular Therapy.  Client left totally pain free.

Tracie; 35 yr old bank employee came to me with anxiety and upper back pain.  She does a lot of computer work.   I gave her 23 minutes of 40 hz, 23 minutes of 68 hz, followed by Neuromuscular Therapy.  She left totally relaxed and pain free.

Rosa; 55 year old retail store worker.   She came to me with anxiety and low back pain.   I gave her 23 minutes of 40 hz, and then 23 minutes of 52 hz, followed by Neuromuscular Therapy.   She left totally pain free. 

Liz; 47 year old furniture sales person;  She came to me with low back pain and anxiety.   I did 23 minutes of 40 hz and 23 minutes of 52 hz, followed by Neuromuscular Therapy.  She left totally pain free. 




Rabecca;  19 year old college student.  Came to me with mid back pain to the left of spinal column.  I gave her 23 minutes of 40 hz and 23 minutes of 60 hz, followed by Neuromuscular Therapy.   She left totally pain free.

Valerie: 52 year old nurse; Came to me with upper and lower back pains.   Gave her 23 minutes of 68 hertz, and then 23 minutes of 52 hertz, followed by Neuromuscular Therapy.  She left totally pain free.

Wynda: 55 year old Multi Level Sales business owner.   Came to me with severe pelvic rotation and a history of trauma injury leaving significant scar tissue.  Gave her 23 minutes of 40 hz, and 23 minutes of 52 hertz; followed by Neuromuscular Therapy.  Pain was diminished.  She lives at a considerable distance, and only sees me three times a year at most. 

Dr A; Surgeon 52 yrs old.  upper back pain due to continually bending forward during surgery.  Gave him 23 minutes of 40 hz, then 23 minutes of 68 hz followed by Neuromuscular Therapy.  Pain was 95 per cent gone.

Same exact therapy for Dr A's two surgical nurses.  Their results  were better than the doctor. The 2 nurses were totally pain free.

Mellody; 40 year old owner and worker of cleaning company.  Came to me with anxiety, difficulty with sinuses and upper back pain.  Gave her 23 minutes of 40 hz, 23 minutes of 68 hz, followed by Neuromuscular Therapy.  She left with a lessening of her sinus distress, and an elimination of anxiety and upper back pain.

No Name(wants total anonymity). 52 year old male with Parkinsons.  Came to me walking with much difficulty, and significant tremors.  Gave him VAT three days in a row.  Gave him two sessions of 40 hz.  His tremors stopped.  On day two, the tremors had partly returned.  I Gave him two more sessions of 40 hz.  The tremors stopped.   On the third day he had no tremors, but I gave him 23 minutes of 40 hz to relax him.  After a month, I spoke with his wife, who told me that his tremors had not yet returned.  I reminded her that VAT is a therapy and not a cure, and that she should contact me as soon as the tremors returned.  That was about six weeks ago, and I haven't yet received a call.

Carlos, 41 year old office worker.  He came to me with low back pain.   On examination I noticed severe pelvic rotation, causing one leg to be about one and a quarter inches shorter than the other leg.  He also had upper back, shoulder, and neck pain.   I gave him 23 minutes of 52 hz and 23 minutes of 68 hz followed by Neuromuscular Therapy.  He left totally pain free.

Carol S., a 76 year old retiree, living a natural style, in a humble abode without running water.  Carol has a disdain for orthodox medicine, and those who practice such.   Carol has congenital hypo peristalsis.  She has been constipated all of her life.  She takes natural forms of bowel supplements, and regular enemas.   Her grandmother died from the same condition.   I gave carol two back to back sessions of 40 hz each.  Her intention is to "jump start" her peristalsis.   As mentioned above, Carol does not have running water, let alone internet.  Her grand daughter, however, does.    Carol may be willing to be part of a continuing study if you think that she may be of help to you.   Carol lives 3 hours from me, and may not be able to come very often.  I am pursuing the goal of having her get her own small version of VAT for home use. 

Leah, a 48 year old convenience store worker came to me with right shoulder pain, neck pain, and low back pain.  She says that she "always had a weak lower back, which was exacerbated by a car crash in 2003.  Also she was diagnosed one year ago as having uterine fibroid tumors.  At the time she came to me,  she had numbness in her right toe, and  numbness in her left thumb and fingers.  Leah lost 60 pounds in the past year by diet and exercise.  I began with 23 minutes of VAT at 52 hz, as her low back pain was the chief complaint.  Then I proceeded with a second session of 23 minutes at 68 hz as therapy for neck and shoulder pain.  I did very mild acupressure as an adjunctive modality.   In the end, Leah was completely pain free and did not complain of any numbness either.   Leah is the daughter of  Carol, the above case study. 




First time client, 75 year old Jon L., a  retired NYC construction worker, originally from Serbia.  Jon came to me
with severe low back pain, and moderate upper back pain.   On examination, I observed inversion of right and left ankles, left pelvic  rotation(causing left leg to be about one inch shorter than the right
leg.  Severe spasms in the left levator scapula, and    moderate spasms in the right levator scapula.  I    did NMT on ankles, pelvic quadrates  lombarum (R & L ), and also on  levator scapulae(R&L), as well as craneo  sacral therapy on sphenoid occipital junction.  I followed with 40 hz of  VAT for 23 minutes, and then 52 hz for 23 minutes.  This was a reversal of  my ususal  format of VAT first and NMT second. 

I will go back to my former method of VAT first ( to relax and tenderize the muscles). Although the final results were still  excellent (client  pain free), my therapy required considerably more, deeper, and longer  pressures by putting VAT second in sequence after NMT (resulting in  considerable discomfort during therapy session). Client was still happy  and promised to call me in the future when his pains returned.  He was  happy because he didn't have anything to compare it with.   I learned a  lesson............VAT comes first!!!!

83 year old Mary S   still has a job running a small office.  Little things like disability, injury and pain hasn't made her retire.  She still runs a small office.  Mary was born with two less vertebrae.  That's right; I'm not joking.  She only has 5 vertebrae in her neck, instead of the usual 7 that everyone else has had since Adam and Eve.  This was diagnosed by a chiropractor after having an x-ray many years ago.  Mary has had severe balance and equilibrium problems all of her life.  Upon examination I soon noticed that her neck actually was very short, lacking the flexibility that is seen in normally formed necks.  I realized that this disability could have lead to additional stress on her 5 humble remaining vertebrae,  along with multiple spasms along the tiny muscles along the tiny vertebral muscles, as well as the adjacent sub occipitals  and the sphenoid-occipital junction.  In the past I have restored full range of motion to many clients with  a "locked up neck", one being a writer for People magazine.  So I figured "what have I got to loose? At the very least, I may be able to unlock her neck and give her a good range of motion.   I started Mary with 23 minutes of VAT at 40 hz.  I followed up with a back to back session of 23 minutes at 68 hz.  I did adjunctive pressure release of the sphenoid occipital junction, and cervical decompression.  The adjunctive therapies went quite smoothly, as the VAT had done a lot of the work ahead of time, making my  job easier for me, and virtually painless for the client.  In the end I had Mary walk up and down the hallway a few times and make turns.  She had an obvious improvement.  I asked Mary for a subjective evaluation of her condition, after my therapy.  Remember, this little senior had worked most of her life in a legal office, and now runs a small office herself.  Her mind is still quite sharp.  So, in answer to my question, Mary paused and thought about it for about 10 seconds, and affirmatively said that her balance and equilibrium had improved 35 %.  That's right; an 83 year old woman who was born with 2 missing vertebrae, and suffered balance/equilibrium problems and falls all of her life, was now over one-third improved in just an hour.  I love VAT.

67 year old Margy C.  (daughter in law of Mary S. mentioned above) is a clerk at a Hallmark greeting card store. 

In 1987 she fractured a rib in a car crash.  In 1988  she fractured her pelvis in another car crash.  She has mild low back pain which comes and goes.  Her chief complaint when she saw me, was a bad knee.  Her knee had been bothering her for 16 years, but has been very bad for the last 8 years, following a long round trip drive from New Jersey to Florida and back.  in a small cramped old Datsun.   Upon examination I noticed that Margy had an upward rotation of one hip, thereby causing her legs to be of different lengths, and resulting in additional stress on her weak knee.  I started Margy with 23 minutes of 52 hz, followed by 23 minutes of 40 hz.  I used some topical lotions, and acupressure on the painful areas of the weak knee(minor medial swelling), and lower back.  Generally, swelling is a contraindication to any pressure therapy.  The VAT however seemed to do such a good job at pre-treating the painful areas that I decided to try very gentle acupressure over an extended period of about three minutes.  I noticed that her two legs were now the same length.  I asked Margy to get up, walk around, and tell me what her pain was before and after the VAT treatment, using a scale of 1-10 where "1" means no pain at all, and "10" means horrible pain.  She said that prior to the VAT session her pain was "10".  She then said that the pain rating after the VAT was "1".  Margy had no more pain.


37 year old Adam P. came to me today with low back pain, having just driven from Florida to Pennsylvania.  He also had  pain in his right buttock which radiated down the back of his thigh.  Exhaustion, headache, and a lack of mental clarity was also prevalent.   Adam's history is as follows:  In 1999 he was in a car crash and has had low back pain ever since.  He has used chiropractors and basic physical therapy in 2000 and 2001.  Subsequent chiropractic and acupuncture therapies were used until 2007.  Since then,"pain comes and goes."  He has had basic massage 2 or 3 times a year.  About one month ago, Adam volunteered in the setting up and operating of a folk music festival, lifting heavy objects.  This exacerbated his low back pain, which was further worsened by the long car drive mentioned above.  I started Adam with 23 minutes of VAT at 40 hz.  I subsequently put him on 23 minutes of VAT at 52 hz.  Following   the VAT, I did moderate sustained pressures between the bottom of his right rib cage and the top of the illiac crest(upper hip) for about one minute.  I then did moderate pressure through the center of the left glutial to the piraformis, for another minute,  which I believed was squeezing his sciatic nerve.  His subjective evaluation of  pain,   using a scale of 1-10 ( with 1 being good and 10 being bad) was  "4 prior to the therapy and 0" after the therapy.  I told him that "0"was not a number, and my scale began at "1".  He insisted on "0". After VAT, Adam's headache, exhaustion, and lack of mental clarity were also gone. He  he said :  " my mind is clear, and nothing hurts," with a contented smile of unexpected delight.   As a therapist, it  really makes me feel great when multiple issues come together and are resolved at the same time.

                                                                                That's all, Avigail,                                                                                     I love this stuff,     John

John J. Pettit, Certified Medical Massage Therapist
My career took an amazing turn when I was injured on the job in federal law enforcement. The life altering pain experienced with this back injury took many years to heal and created in me a vast sense of empathy for anyone that is going through pain. I wanted to be able to help people, to help them find relief. I believe that pain can be taken away, and after graduating from a Massage Institute, I then had the tools to do it.
At the Massage Institute, the Instructors used me as the subject of their demonstrations for the class since I was in such a painful condition. This hands on interaction from many masters, altered my schooling for the better! I was then able to comprehend my studies on an experiential level as I felt the relief occur within my own injury. In my original schooling and with whatever continuing education I choose, I am always taking class and my Instructors seriously, as I am invested on a level of deep compassion for anyone suffering.
I continued in post graduate studies to specialize in six levels of Neuromuscular Therapy. This is a medical type of massage which involves balancing of muscles, and eliminating the spasms which cause nerves to be compressed and result in pain. I have also studied under Dr. Jeffery Thompson, thereby learning that with the aid of new technology and understanding of our human makeup, that it is possible to ease emotional suffering as well as physical.
Last year, I became a Vibroacoustic therapist. I was trained by Avigail berg-Panitz, - Olav Skille Vibroacoustic Solutions. .Olav Skille invented VAT 30 years ago in Norway.

My clients include medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors, and many people who have thought:”:
‘I’m just going to live with the pain.’


To learn more about VAT  and how to incorporate VAT as a therapist’s tool or for personal usage, or to communicate with the therapists  John Pettit,

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