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Our perception of Healthcare. Do you Agree?


  • A healthy balanced human being is when biological systems (blood, nervous, muscle, skeleton, cells, organs, immune system) and mind systems (thoughts, emotions, imagination, memories) function harmoniously within each system, and between systems to maintain dynamic homeostasis of preserving life, wellness, and wellbeing.

  • Mental and physical subsystems interact and influence each other. Each human being is unique in the mix of genetic manifestation as result of physical environment, personality, and mental conditions.

  • Healthcare should be preventive, proactive, and personalized.

  • Physicians and therapists should have the knowhow of applying a variety of integrative solutions to diagnose and treat people. The price/performance of using drugs or diagnostic devices for a long time should always be in mind of the physician who makes decisions about one’s health treatment. They should be aware of the possibility of negative effects of radiation, chemicals, addiction, or accumulation of drugs and mix of drugs for a long time and their side effects on various systems and organs, that may eventually, become a new medical challenge.

  • With all the acknowledgment and respect to western advanced technology, research and medical devices, other worldwide health modalities may contribute to the health and wellness of an individual. Therefore, a physician who diagnoses and writes a drug prescription , including therapeutic  treatment,  should be open minded to share and discuss with colleagues from  alternative therapeutic modalities , the  benefits  of incorporating  integrative ways, having in mind  the goal of achieving recovery and wellbeing of  the  individual s/he is treating.

  • An individual should be pro-active in the process of healing. S/he should read, check what is proposed as a solution for his/her case, and get a second or third opinion until  s/he is satisfied and trust the process  s/he is  going through.

  • An individual and therapists, medical institutions, homes, schools and businesses should be aware of the negative impact of stress in our life. Chronic stress is a gateway to many illnesses and therefore should be addressed as a major issue to be resolved as preventive medicine at home, in the community, at work, in health institutions and in education centers.

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