VAT SilentSoundSpace at Home

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VAT SilentSoundSpace at Home is a room, or a space that is designated  for a personal  vibroacoustic therapy session. The goal is mainly to reduce stress / pain / anxiety /insomnia,  and also, put all problems /missions / external triggers aside, to focus on the most important person - YOU. Even if you are taking care of all the family, you need to balance you body systems and your mind systems(thoughts, emotions, sesations, memories, imagination), reduce overwhelmed mind , recharge vitality and harmonize your being.

A VAT treatement is felt as harmonic inner body massage to organs, tissues and cells. You feel low sound flow and "hug you" from within. You sense  a combination of deep silence & inner peace together with gentle energies filling you.

After a VAT treatment, you will perceive less pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety. You will have a better mood and you will be more tolerant, attentive and compassionate.

What do you need for a VATMAT system:




The Mat



The original full body vibroacoustic portable mat. Developed in 1985.

Permeates your whole body while stimulating and soothing sound vibrations. Musically massaging your body from head to toe while you listen via the quality speakers under your ears. Can be placed on a variety of surfaces. Folds in half for easy storage and moving.




Patented Somatron Second Diaphragm System in each section

Power Capacity:

Connect to any stereo rated 10 to 100 total watts of power


Two 12” full range patented speakers and two hi-fi head speakers with volume control

Fuse Protection:

Two 2 amp. fuses are used to fully protect the speakers


Height: 4"; Width: 28”; Depth: 74"


18 lbs.


Superior grade of soft leather-like vinyl


Stock colors: India Ink (Black); South Pacific (Blue); Amethyst Purple; Peacock Green; Geranium Red; Sand Dune (Tan); Moonscape (Light Gray); and White -.  


Carry case to protect Portable Mat available at extra cost


Shipped UPS Ground; Carton size: 28” x 10” x 39”; Shipping Weight: 35 lbs.


One year on materials and workmanship


Instructions and 20' length of cable


Outstanding Features:

  • Full body portable vibroacoustic mat

  • Permeates your whole body with stimulating and soothing sound vibrations

  • Light weight - easily portable

  • Can be placed on a variety of surfaces:

    • Flat and hard - massage table or floor

    • Soft - a lounge, beach chair or bed

  • Full range stereo head speakers with volume control


Useful For:

  • Relaxation

  • Individual Stress reduction

  • Pain management

  • Calming restless behavior

  • Physical and auditory stimulation

  • Tuning the body vibrational energy system

  • Making the mind-body connection

  • Recreational Therapy

  • Occupational therapy

  • Holistic health and alternative medicine practices




Olav Skille Family Maintanance  Frequencies Include:

1. Back pain (Lower  and  upper pain back)

2. Head ache

3. Stress

4. Insomnia


5. Vitality


6. feet massage



Training : 4 sessions of 45 minutes on skype:

1. What is VAT

2. Best conditions and instructions for optimized usage

3. Frequencies tour

4. Safety instructions

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