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Goals & Vision

If you had a chance to watch  Dr Sanjay Gupta's program on CNN "Deadly Dose"  or  read about American health statistics -     and read  WSJ article about insomnia @ work

We minimize these phenomena and significantly help improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and chronic diseases.

Vibroacoustic therapy is a standalone independent, or  integrative solution  to be combined with pain killers , stress, insomnia and anxiety pills (that if are  taken too much /too often and for a long  period of time, may have negative medical side effects,  addicted dependency and negative "price/performance" in terms of life quality, wellness and health). 

At present, VAT is defined as a wellness platform and any decision of reduction of drugs should be made only with supervision of your medical doctor. 

Though we are an early stage start-up in US, VAT is not a new solution. In fact it is used in Nordic Countries for over 25 years as a proven, effective  and safe solution to reduce  many symptoms that accompany  pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety. 

Our goal is to find finance strategic partners that will take our start-up to its next stage and enable us to have the resources to apply our business plan in America and worldwide.


What if, in  every home (regular or with special needs ) there would be a  VAT SilentSoundSpace in which each of family members, will have a session of 23 minutes of bodymind balance to reduce pain, stress, insomnia, and anxiety and recharge energies - with no chemicals involved.

- children gets back from school, letting go of stress 

- dad gets back  from work , letting go of stress

- mom gets back from work, letting go of stress

if you have lower back pain, take a VAT

if you have a head ache, take a VAT

if you have anxiety before an exam, take a VAT

if you cant sleep, take a VAT.

What if businesses would add 23 minutes to every employee to have a session in the SilentSoundSpace, recharge energies, reduce stress - as preventive  health & wellness approach?

What if , hospitals and rehabilitation centers would have a SilenceSoundSpace where the medical staff, family members and patients would use it as part of recharging energies, reducing pain and stress and as  assistance solution to the recovery process?  

vibroacoustic tehrapy, reduce pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety

Our Goals

  1. Find investor/s to become our strategic finance partner and enable people, businesses and organization explore and apply VAT.
  2. Find research partners in USA to deepen up exploration of VAT impact on cell metabolism, reduction of pain, stress and insomnia.
  3. Find more and more business partners who have complementary wellness products and evaluate the great potential of adding VAT solutions to many sectors in society.
  4.  Collaborative with chronic diseases and disabilities associations 
  5.  Collaborate with Health insurance and health institutions

Thank you for your interest in us.

This website is in a  development process...

you are welcome 

to contact us & send your feedback .


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Avigail Berg Panitz
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         Harmonic Low Sound Frequencies

     Integrative Wellness Platform


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