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What is LOVE?, really?...

We say:” I love you”, we end up a message or a letter with “love”, we read romantic books and watch romantic movies.


Let’s “ put LOVE on the table” – what is your perception of it?


Do animals love?


Is a mother’s love to a child the same as love between lovers?


Does love between people that are similar, “better” than love between complement characteristics?



Is love “ in the air” ? Or is it is us?


Can we love without being loved in return?


Is love an attitude? An approach to life?


Here is my definition of love:


“ first I ‘m joyful with who im in my bodymindspirit . I am happy in my inner “heart home” and with my authentic personality. I am not perfect but feel good with myself. Then, consciously, together with compassion, I create a space in me to enable you, to manifest your creativity , bodymindspirit needs and authentic personality and feel at home in that space. Together we grow happily in a dialogue between togetherness and in “live and let live” approach.”


Why do we have only one day as valentine and not all year?


What’s your approach to LOVE?


In what way Vibroacoustic therapy connected to exploring and implementing love?


First love thy self! – a daily self VAT treatment helps you get connected to your bodymind.

It attunes and optimizes energy consuming and minimizes the overwhelmed stressed mind that often creates negative scenarios of thoughts, emotions, sensations, imagination and memories.


VAT enables s tolerance and compassion. It facilitates the space to embrace your loved one’s essence. VAT recharges vitality to be attentive to the small meaningful details that touches your partner’s bodymindspirit.



VAT is a good love guardian.

Thank you for your interest in us.

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