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VAT SilentSoundSpace for Businesses, Education, Spas

Price: $3900 + $X shipping in US & Canada. Ask for a shipping cost in US, Canada and other places around the world.

VAT SilentSoundSpace for clinics is a room,  that is designated  for a self   treatment , or guided  by a therapist ,teacher,  a consultant or  a coach who were trained to operate a  VAT session.   VAT can be used as a standalone therapy or can be integrated with other modalities : physical therapy, psycotherapy or Complementary and Alternative  Medical Care therapy such as massage or accupunture or Yoga. VAT is a wellness preventive platform or acute solution treatment. Together with imagery and visualization, VAT can replace bad habits such obesity or addiction and also improve performance and learning.

This proposal is for the most "modest system solution. Please go over the website to learn the variety of ways to use VAT.  

A VAT treatement is felt as harmonic inner body massage to organs, tissues and cells. Your client /employee/ student   will feel low sound flow and "hug them" from within. - A combination of deep silence & inner peace together with genle energies.

After a VAT treatment, your client/employee/student  will perceive less pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety. S/he will have a better mood and you will be more tolerant, attentive and compassionate.

What do you need for a VATLounge system:


Affordable lounge ergonomically designed to the semi "Trendelenburg" position to maximize the therapeutic effect of having your legs higher than your heart.  Somatron patented “Transpeakers”™ are placed in the back and leg section to produce the maximum therapeutic benefit! Built Somatron durable to give lasting performance at a reasonable price.  Easily connects to any stereo system (not included) with 10 to 100 watts of power.




Two Patented Somatron “Transpeakers”™

Power Capacity:

Connect to any stereo rated 10 to 100 total watts of power

Fuse Protection:

Two 2 amp fuses are used to fully protect the speakers


Height: 42” Width: 26” Length: 72”


110 lbs.


Superior grade of soft leather-like vinyl


Stock colors: India Ink (Black); South Pacific (Blue); Amethyst Purple; Peacock Green; Geranium Red; Sand Dune (Tan); Moonscape (Light Gray); and White .  


Shipped truck transport; Carton size: 57” x 36” x 43” Shipping Weight 175 lbs.


One year on materials and workmanship


Instructions and 20’ length of cable


Outstanding Features:

  • No frames to loosen

  • No hard surfaces

  • No corners to wear


Useful For:

  • Relaxation

  • Stress reduction

  • Calming restless behavior

  • Physical and auditory stimulation

  • Tuning the body vibrational energy system

  • Making the mind-body connection

  • Recreational Therapy

  • Occupational therapy

Olav Skille frequencies for Spas, Businesses and education:


Based on Olav Skille Frequencies we provide a frequency kits solutions for specific usage in Spa, in businesses and in education centers.

Our approach is proactive, personalized and preventive.

We learn your goals and intentions and offer  VAT solutions that will match your needs and your budget.


Training : 7 sessions of 45 minutes on skype or a  2 days  Experiential workshop:

1. What is VAT

2. Best conditions and instructions for optimized usage

3. Frequencies tour

4. Safety instructions

5. VAT frequencies for chronic diseases and disabilities

6. VAT & visualization to replace bad habits with better habits

7. VAT to improve performance

Thank you for your interest in us.

This website is in a  development process...

you are welcome 

to contact us & send your feedback .


PTSD, Integrative medicine, Holistic Health, Preventive medicine, chronic diseases, disabilities, Sound Vibration, Low Sound Frequencies,
self management tools,
Performance, Obesity,
Sensory room,


VAT for pets,
Vibroacoustic therapy,

Avigail Berg Panitz
Olav Skille

         Harmonic Low Sound Frequencies

     Integrative Wellness Platform


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