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Depression, addiction, sanity and the drive for life.




Life Energy


What makes millions of your cells (which compose YOU), to collaborate and “pickup themselves” every morning to start your day?


Tomorrow, when you are ready to get up, stay in bed for a moment. Observe the miraculous process in which your organism’s complex systems interact, to enable you to get up and start your day.


You could have stayed in bed all day long, if you did not have this mysterious and outstanding inner vital power, to take action and get up.


What is this internal life force of VIVACITY, that we all take for granted?


It is the bio-psycho-spirit essence of our being –to BE. Some call it “the instinct energy flow of life".


Yet, what happens when you lose this natural inner passion, “to be”? What happens when “The fuel of life or the energy of vitality ceases to flow in its full capacity?


Our self as a conductor in an orchestra


Could it be that your inner orchestra of "bio-psycho-socio-spirit" components of life are “off tune”?


Let’s observe an orchestra with its musicians and their instruments on stage. Each musician is responsible to attune his/her instrument. However, the conductor attunes the whole orchestra and unites it to become a coherent and synchronized entity. If the conductor is absence or does not function well, there would be no harmony in the orchestra. There will be chaos.

Our natural inner conductor is our self. Vital energy flows in our dynamic bodymindspirit components, when we conduct healthy habits, together with relative wellness, well-being, and positive attitude to life.


From off-tuned destructive self to balanced self


Could it be that addiction, depressions and temporary insanity, may lead to an action of non-reversible, self-destruction suicide when “our inner conductor” is un- balanced and perceives reality in insane way?


When we are addicted & depressed, our perception is off tune and are actions may be extreme such as committing suicide?

What do we do to regain vitality and sanity?

We need to seek help to get back bodymindspirit equilibrium. Thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, and imagination should interact with our biological systems, harmonically.

If our internal conductor is off tune, we should seek external environment to attune and balance us:

- Unconditioned love

- Beauty in nature

- Harmonic music

- Vibroacoustic therapy as inner body massage and balancing bodymind mechanism

- Positive psych-spiritual-therapy

- Balanced nutrition

- Art – creativity therapy

- Psychiatric balancing aid and medical help

- Sport coaching



Your inner self is the conductor that integrates subsystems and facilitates positive life perspective. It is the driver of your life. Explore what drives you. Map the operating system of your being when you are in dynamic relative healthy state. Ask trusted driver to drive you when you are off tune to prevent you of going to no-where forever.



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