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 VAT is Vital to Vitality

Vibroacoustic therapy is a system. It has hardware  , frequencies and training analogical to a computer system that has hardware, software and operating system.

Over the years many  hardware companies created furniture units with transducers inside and offered VAM – vibroacoustic  music,  as solutions to  access various symptoms and called them Vibroacoustic Therapy.

Olav Skille’s opinion is  that the best results of reduction/ elimination of pain and stress is by vibrating the body and mind with pure frequencies.

I have decided to introduce his view as he delivers it directly:

«I invite   mainstream therapists – physical, psychotherapists  and complementary alternative therapists such as  music therapies, sound medicine colleagues , acupuncture , massage, chiropractors and people from all walks of life to adopt pure low sound frequencies as a  treatment to reduce pain, stress and many other illnesses symptoms.»

Music is part of our life,  a main art creativity in history of mankind, no doubt. No matter  where  you live, music is part of religion, culture and society. It penetrates our ears from infant period till elderly age. 

Skille  describes it as  a form of behavior,  a unique product of human activity,  that is used for emotional communication. Music is very dynamic and it influences our mind in multiple ways. Some are unconscious  other trigger deep memories and experiences.

When sound is too loud , it is uncomfortable, and possibly dangerous, like uncontrolled noise.

When it comes to using music as a therapy, there is an increasing success worldwide in integrating music therapy as part of  alternative therapy  being adopted by mainstream rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

«My call derives from accumulated know-how of over 30 years  of research and as result of direct feedback from patients and therapists  about the  positive effect of  low acoustic  frequencies on  the physical and psychological well-being.»


Vibration is the first basic cellular sensory memory experience of an organism.

All species have receptors for perceiving vibrations and sound. Perception of vibrations may be the most important life-saving property in any living organism.

Vibrations can be transmitted in gaseous substances, fluids and in solid matter. Mammals have several sensory organs that are used for perceiving vibrations, The organs that are most specialized for sound perceptions are our ears,  and for perception of vibrations in solids there are senses of touch. All of them   are important for the instinctive decision one makes to decide if an approaching object is threatening or safe.  This inherent process ,decides our actions and behavior – "shall  we react by fleeing, by fighting for our life, or alternatively, show trust and acceptance".

The new-born baby, lying in its mother's loving arms is already armed with the defense reflexes from the senses of touch  and sound. The startle effect, is rooted in our instincts, is it memory inherited in our cells. This is memory of a totally different dimension than the learnt  behavioral changes we have assimilated during our growing up and aging processes. Many of the assimilated social behavior patterns hinder us from applying the life supporting reflexes that exist in our cellular memory.

The pregnant mothers' bodies are constantly producing sound vibrations of different character and intensity. However, within the range of diversity, they can all be defined as low sound frequencies. Life in the womb is normally  soft, warm and totally protected from external threats. The adult body has not forgotten the positive effect of the life-supporting sound vibrations in the uterus. The memories remain in us on a cellular level. Evoking these memories can contribute to re-establish the harmonic state of a person towards a positive developmental process.

VAT re-creates the inborn built-in well-being protecting and loving experience in us.

Our body consist mainly of water, and can – acoustically - be compared with a water-filled sack. Sound transferred to any single point of the sack will be transferred by the watery substances to any part of the body – and will give mechanical massage to virtually every cell of the body. Even the brain will receive vibrations when we apply sound along the spine.

Music has an even more complicated frequency spectrum than noise and speech. The variety of frequency elements is so great that it is impossible to define which musical elements are actually effective in a music therapy session. A therapists acting in cooperation  with a client or independently, may choose a piece of music  that is supposed to have a therapeutic effect. Parts of the music frequencies may trigger conscious or unconscious effects that may not necessarily be an added value to the process of recovery.  

Tony Wigrams wrote his PhD thesis primarily based on a mixture of music and frequencies. He named this mixture “Vibroacoustic Music” (VAM) and most therapists around the world are now using VAM or pure musical stimuli in their work. He also investigated how different frequencies evoked response in different parts of the body.

I refined the concept of VAT to the use of one, amplitude modulated,  sinusoidal tone in order to have exact control over the stimulus that is transferred to the human organism.  

The body can, in fact, function as a loudspeaker membrane.

VAT is poison free and does not use foreign substances. The sound stimuli we use is changing the production of stress hormones (Beta-Endorphine, ACTH and Cortisol) in the body in a positive way. The primary effect of VAT is that it adds subtle mechanical stress to our organism,- just as we add stress to our body when we are jogging. After jogging we experience relaxation and well-being. When we experience VAT stress, the brain starts producing stress hormones, and we reach the stress-hormone peak after about 15 minutes.

During a VAT session the body feels the positive effect of the gentle, all-encompassing sound massage which unconsciously is interpreted as calming and relaxing. The positive , “silent jogging” effect of VAT substitute the “jogging-stress” for persons who are sitting in wheelchair, are lying in bed, or are under stimulated physically or neurologically. It contributes to the cell metabolism process of anyone who uses it. It provides drug-less positive hormonal substitute for physical exercise.

These hormones are analgesic and anti-inflammatory, spasmic and metabolic stabilizing agents. VAT seems to be a catalyst for positive stress-hormone reactions.  Contrary to music and VAM that are using the unspecific characteristics of music, a VAT situation is totally predictable after the introduction phase. Whereas music is changing, moving, even surprising, and in constant development. It is like a living organism, accessing and influencing our emotions and intellect created by an artist’s own creativity and  emotions.

“VAT is soothing, predictable, drug-less and safe  Instead of being dependent on bin-aural reactions to sound and music (VAM), I suggest to circumvent the audio processes and access the physical reactions directly, transmitting sound vibrations to other sensory stimuli of our organism, similar to the reactions of touch and massage, but from within.”

VAT treatment imitates both the soothing skin contact with a person and the intrauterine vibrations received during 9 months of growth and cellular creation.

Music is emotional communication! However,  VAT is not trying to transfer emotions to our stress filled adult bodies. VAT it trying to recreate the cells’ self repair processes that are embedded in our cellular memory. Instead of transferring external emotions, VAT is making it possible to revive our own emotions’ process from within.

During a VAT therapy session, no startle effect is needed. You are wrapped in loving care.
There is no external challenge threatening you. Just the soothing, undulating memories from slow drift in the amniotic fluid are carrying you into a meditative state, where time and space are not relevant. YOU are the only reality of importance, and your cells recall total harmony created inside you.

Music,  on the other hand , is emotional communication between composer and listener.

VAT is your own communication with your inner self. You are your own totality – body and soul.

VAT brings back natural homeostasis.

When are you at most receptacle for unconditional love? Imagine to be newborn, lying in your mother's arms wrapped in a soft angora wool blanket while the family cat purrs happily close to both of you.
Imagine this moment when words do not exist. When happiness is just a physical experience totally free from external stress, almost like being in the total uterine protection state, but you are grown up!

When you are in such harmonic internal environment, you recharge energies in your physical and physiological dimensions and you uplift your life quality.


Lately, we have decided to take VAT one step further and to offer the frequencies solution as an effective tool  to reduce/eliminate  pain an stress to all sectors in society:  At home -  for  families with  normal issues and special needs,  businesses and work places, schools, academy and sport.
We have created a new concept which is called – “SilentSoundSpace”

A room with VAT furniture unit that one uses to balance body and mind, recharge energies, refocus and revive life.

Imagine that a nurse could have a 23 minutes break once a day  to reduce stress and recharge her energies in the hospital she is working in? Would it improve the effectiveness of her work? Imagine that a teacher after three nonstop teaching sessions could have a 23 minutes session in the “SilentSoundSpace”. Imagine a child coming back from school and takes a break from his “hyper active mode” and relax his inner layers of his being.  Imagine at work, a project's team stop their overwhelming nonstop tasks and clear the body and mind. 

VAT can be viewed as preventive medicine, acute treatment for stress and pain and vital to boost life quality to people with disabilities and chronic diseases.

Music may be high quality  art  expression which is perceived and embedded in the mind as conditioned  cultural & personal emotional experience. Yet when  mental and physical attunement takes place, using  VAT as the attunement tool, the optimal conscious body-mind balance of subsystems, will take place in harmonic low sound waves with intervals of silence.

We believe that SilentSoundSpace with VAT frequencies and additional training can bring sanity to our chaotic world.

Thank you for your interest in us.

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