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VAT SilentSoundSpace at Home

Price: $2295 + $120 shipping in US

VAT SilentSoundSpace at Home is a room, or a space that is designated  for a personal  vibroacoustic therapy session. The goal is mainly to put all stress / pain / anxiety /insomnia / problems /missions / external triggers aside and  focus on the most important person - YOU. Even if you are taking care of all the family, you need to balance you body systems and your mind systems(thoughts, emotions, sesations, memories, imagination), reduce overwhelmed mind , recharge vitality and harmonise your being.

A VAT treatement is felt as harmonic inner body massage to organs, tissues and cells. You feel low sound flow and "hug you" from within. you sense combination of deep silence & inner peace together with gentle energies filling you.

After a VAT treatment, you will feel less pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety. You will have a better mood and you will be more tolerant, attentive and compassionate.

What do you need for a VATMAT system:




  • The SMART Lounge is energy-efficient. It comes standard with four (4) custom transducers utilizing a 150-watt amplifier.
  • Sound Foam (TM) creates a full body print for optimum comfort that allows the full transmission of vibrations to stimulate the body and mind and not the mattress.
  • Unique medical-grade neoprene mattress cover
  • Vibroacoustic mattress can be used anywhere - on top of a massage table, a desk or even on your bed.
  • 150 Watt commercial amplifier with bass filter and vibration intensity control.

Olav Skille Family Maintanance  Frequencies Include:

1. Back pain (Lower or upper pain back)

2. Head ache

3. Stress

4. Insomnia



Training : 4 sessions of 45 minutes on skype:

1. What is VAT

2. Best conditions and instructions for optimized usage

3. Frequencies tour

4. Safety instructions

Price: $2295 + $120 shipping in US

Thank you for your interest in us.

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