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 A Call for Collaboration

Jan. 30th/13 , Joanne (Fibromyalgia)

"I was diagnosed with it over four years ago. Having suffered so much pain, fatigue and insomnia, I had to reduce my full time work to 50 % and then retire.

I began to experience significant improvements in my symptoms after 4 vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) sessions, with the 40Hz sound frequency (Olav Skille), at the Sound Therapy Centre of Vaughan. My pain lessened, quality of sleep improved, and energy level increased. I was able to reduce medication dosage, thus experiencing fewer side effects.

These beneficial health effects have continued with VAT sessions now being administered at home 2-3 times/week.
The improvement in my symptoms as a result of the VAT treatments has been a very positive and enabling experience!"

Are you an investor?

will you partner with us to increase the quality of life of millions of people?

Frankly, every home needs a VATMAT  wellness platform to reduce stress & pain, anxiety and insomnia.

We are looking for an angel investor/s or VC representative that understands our capability to implement VAT at home, at work, in SPAs,in health and education institutions. 

We would like you to learn about  our solutions and the huge potential in America and worldwide. We change the paradigm of treating pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety with no chemicals involved. The optimal  candidate investors would be those that will be added value managers in our core team. 

Are you a reseracher in  fields related to pain, cells, stress, insomnia, anxiety or chronic diseases and you wish to explore Vibroacoustic Therapy?

Do you own a wellness  center or therapeutic  clinic & wishes to be our  business regional representative?


Though we are defined as early stage start-up we apply in America and worldwide, a proven therapy /system that is  successfully applied in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes in Nordic countries to reduce/eliminate pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety with no chemicals involved. VAT is also used by therapists as an valuable therapeutics tools Incorporated with other mainstream tehrapies to treat people with chronic diseases and disabilities such Fibromylagia, Parkinson, MS, CP and Rett Syndrome.

Vibroacoustic therapy is focuses in the range between 30hz-120hz - the low side or sound frequencies , where ultrasound as a  well known in medical diagnosis device  and also as  treatment, cover the other side of the sound range.

We are a small team in America and our goal is to expand our core team and collaborate with strategic business partners, research partners and finance partners.

You are most welcome to contact me to learn more of what is our business plan, our vision and the markets we focus on.​ 

If you are a therapist with an active clinic, or you own a wellness center, a SPA or personal development business and you see the added value of adding Vibroacoustic therapy to your place and in addition, wishes to sell whole solutions of vibroacoustic therapy to other businesses or clients, please let me provide you with information of how we can work together. 

Are you a Business Owner /manufacturer in fields of medical devices, wellness & sport that wishes to produce a special Vibroacoustic therapy solution with us?

If you are a manufacturer of medical device, wellness or sport device or any other equipment /tool and you see the potential of adding a vibroacoustic solution product with us in any collaboration including OEM, please contact me and lets explore this possibility together.


contact us to explore more....

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